A decision support platform for bioenergy technology deployment and policy making in Mexico

Start date

January 2020

End date

January 2023


Developing countries such as Mexico have a diverse richness in biomass resources that can support the UN sustainable development goals through bioenergy generation (electricity, heat, biofuel) and co-production of food, feed and nutrient.

This project aims to progress such integrated bioenergy/biorefinery technologies' readiness level (TRL) to practical applications in industrial environment (TRL:5-9) from fundamental discovery (TRL:3-5) achieved in our previous Newton projects (RCP1516/1/93 and 249594) to help delivering Mexico's renewable energy, climate change mitigation and social equality targets in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Software tool

Access our deployable eco-innovative sustainable biorefinery designs at advanced TRL (8-9 for biomass cogeneration, biodiesel, bioethanol and 5-8 for green diesel, bio jet fuel, with food, feed, nutrient production) on TESARREC™ (Trademark: UK00003321198).


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