Melting the Snowy White Peaks: a student inclusive leadership programme

A mixed-methods feasibility study of the implementation of a novel, multi-faceted educational leadership intervention for nursing students focussed on inclusive leadership and reducing structural inequalities.

Start date

September 2021

End date

December 2023

Aims and objectives

The proposed project aims to develop, implement and test the feasibility of a student nursing inclusive leadership programme, to offer Black, Asian and minority ethnic student nurses the best start to successful, equitable careers, with the additional outcome of producing cohorts of nurses who are fully prepared for nursing in a diverse healthcare system.  


  1. To evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of a student nursing inclusive leadership programme, through student engagement, experience and recruitment/retention onto the programme.
  2. To increase Black, Asian and minority ethnic student nurses’ empowerment, self-efficacy, sense of belonging and readiness for leadership (to prepare Black, Asian and minority ethnic nurses for leadership positions).
  3. To increase White student nurses’ self-efficacy and awareness of own privilege.
  4. To increase students’ understanding of structural inequalities and inclusive healthcare, and improved confidence as active bystanders (to create inclusive nurses capable of excellent nursing in diverse healthcare systems).
  5. To explore the feasibility and acceptability of a reverse mentoring scheme for clinical leaders as mentees and Black, Asian and minority ethnic student nurses as mentors.

Funding amount

Total funding: £250,000




Organisational guidance document

Our organisational guidance document offers evidence-based recommendations for the implementation of the Melting the Snowy White Peaks Inclusive Leadership Programme. Details of the multi-component programme are presented in the guide as well as information about what, why and how the intervention was delivered, while recognising barriers to student engagement and proposing recommendations for ways to deliver and adapt the programme.

How to access the organisational guidance document

The organisational guidance document is free to use (in line with our CC BY-NC-ND license) but we ask you to have regard to the following conditions of its use:

  1. Do not distribute this document to anyone else – if anyone asks for a copy, please direct them to this web page so they can download it.
  2. If you use this document or any part of it, we would be grateful if you would please:
    1. Acknowledge the authorship team
    2. Send copies of any reports/papers that are produced to Emily Williams (
    3. Let us have any comments/suggestions that you feel might improve the document so that your experience can be incorporated into subsequent updates.


Research themes

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