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Section of sleep

Learn more about research in the Section of Sleep, which focuses on the mechanisms and functions of sleep in humans and animals. We have a particular emphasis on interaction between sleep and circadian rhythms.

We employ genetic, molecular, cellular, neurophysiological, pharmacological and mathematical modelling approaches to understand the contribution of sleep and circadian rhythms to the brain and body in health and disease.

The Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC) has twelve fully equipped EEG sleep and circadian rhythm research laboratories for human studies and ambulatory sleep EEG recording systems, and can record EEG sleep and circadian rhythms in up to 24 mice simultaneously.

People in the Section of Sleep

Section lead

Name Role
Professor Derk-Jan Dijk Professor of Sleep and Physiology, Director Surrey Sleep Research Centre

Section members

Name Role
Professor Simon Archer Head, Department of Biochemical Sciences, Reader in Molecular Biology of Sleep
Dr Nayantara Santhi Research Fellow at the Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC)
Dr Julie Seibt Lecturer in Sleep and Plasticity
Dr Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer Reader in Sleep & Circadian Rhythms