Special track: Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy (GESPi)

We welcome contribution on topics related to gender, entrepreneurship, and social policy in tourism – exploring how intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship in all forms can make hospitality, tourism, travel, and events industries pathways for more equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within the sector, economies and societies.

Gender, Entrepreneurship and Social Policy topics

These include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Gender and the social solidarity economy
  • Gender and community entrepreneurship
  • Gender and social entrepreneurship
  • Gender and the informal tourism economy
  • Gender and environmental entrepreneurship
  • Gender and entrepreneurship education
  • Gender and consumer behaviour
  • Gender in tourism management & governance
  • Gender and innovation in intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship
  • Gender and sustainable business models
  • Theoretical perspectives of gender in tourism entrepreneurship
  • Policy instruments for EDI in tourism
  • Intra/entrepreneurship, gender and SDGs
  • Public policies and cross-sector collaborations for EDI in entrepreneurship
  • New methodologies/methods for researching gender, entrepreneurship and social policies
  • Gender-lens investments for inclusive entrepreneurship
  • NGOs and EDI in tourism
  • Gender dynamics - opportunities and barriers in intra/entrepreneurship

How to contribute

There are two ways to contribute to this track:

  1. Oral presentation. Submit a 500-word abstract by 6 January 2023. Outcomes will be communicated to authors by 3 February 2023. Please use the submission template (docx) to write your contribution
  2. Poster/interactive media presentation. Submit a poster/dashboard/video presentation by 10 February 2023. Outcomes will be communicated to authors by 24 February 2023. 

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