Special track: Sustainable Aviation

We welcome contributions on sustainable aviation or aviation decarbonisation and climate policy research-related topics. These may encompass the economic, social, and environmental dimensions on sector, organisational, community, and/or consumer level.

Sustainable aviation topics

These include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Aviation climate policy interventions to address environment challenges
  • The impact of market-based measures (EU ETS, CORSIA)
  • Sustainable aviation fuels
  • Aircraft and airlines of the future – hydrogen and electric aircraft options
  • Impact of new generation engines on carbon emissions
  • Impact of infrastructural constraints and path dependencies
  • The role of airports in net zero scenarios
  • Economic implications of energy transition towards future low-emission aviation
  • Airlines/airports sustainability reporting
  • Academic aero-mobility
  • Aviation decarbonisation pathways


  • Changing consumption practices/ demand management
  • Barriers to net zero in aviation
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Sustainability in airport operations
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Public responses to aviation climate policies, industry responses and new technologies
  • Social issues in aviation access
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in aviation
  • Labour and workers' rights in aviation
  • Advanced Urban Air Mobility and the path to decarbonisation
  • Environmental and social governance and green financing for sustainable aviation

How to contribute

There are two ways to contribute to this track:

  1. Oral presentation. SUBMISSION CLOSED. Outcomes will be communicated to authors by 3 February 2023. Please use the submission template (docx) to update your contribution
  2. Poster/interactive media presentation. Submit a poster/dashboard/video presentation by 10 February 2023. Outcomes will be communicated to authors by 24 February 2023. 

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Call for contributions

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Special track: Sustainable Aviation