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Psychology student Annabel Stone

Annabel Stone

Higher education is not something that is solely available for able people, those with disabilities are also encouraged to pursue their ambitions at university.


Psychology BSc (Hons)

Entry year


Choosing Surrey

When deciding where to study, I was torn between Surrey and another university. I made a list of pros and cons for each university and Surrey had an overwhelming number of pros in comparison, so I put Surrey down as my firm choice.

Guildford is a beautiful town and I could see myself being happy living here. I was also extremely impressed by the sports facilities. I play squash and from how it appeared online, the Surrey Squash society seemed very welcoming and inclusive. It lived up to my expectations when I joined, and some of the closest friendships I have now were formed at the club.

Your course

I chose to study the BSc Psychology course at Surrey because the lecturers seemed really accommodating and engaging when I attended open days. The School of Psychology was very impressive and feedback from previous students was really encouraging.

The academic staff on my course are so welcoming. If I have a query they are always available to help, or they get back to me as soon as they’re able to. The School is newly refurbished which makes experiments extremely exciting as we get to use brand new equipment, and it’s also the perfect place to quietly study if you want a change of scenery from the Library.

Support with disability and neurodiversity

The support I have received from the Disability and Neurodiversity team has been amazing. They have helped me to keep on top of my assignments, as well as plan out a routine that works well for me. My mentor also provided a safe space where I could discuss anything that was on my mind and would direct me to where I could find further support when necessary. I have only ever experienced caring and positive reactions whenever I have disclosed my disability at Surrey.

Universities are fully prepared to deal with any disability you have and are always willing to make adjustments to help you get the best experience possible. Higher education is not something that is solely available for able people, those with disabilities are also encouraged to pursue their ambitions at university. It gives you an opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and grow as a person. If you’re anything like me, I think you’ll find that the transition is easier and far less scary than you think it will be. Everybody is in the same boat and you aren’t doing this alone. There will always be support if you need it and you will learn skills and techniques that will set you up for a life beyond university, one where you will be happy and coping with your disability far better than you could ever imagine.

Looking forward

I have changed a lot since starting at Surrey. My confidence has grown exponentially and I have matured far more than I would have ever imagined. Going to university has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I would encourage anyone who is unsure to just go for it because I think you will be surprised at how much of a positive impact it has on you.


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