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Claire Bowman

Claire Bowman

"Since starting at Surrey, I have definitely learnt to prioritise better, whether it be my studies, my social life or just time for myself."

Physician Associate Studies PGDip
Entry year

"I chose to study to become a physician associate because I want a career in the medical profession that allows me to work directly with patients and be clinically involved in their healthcare. Surrey offers a really interesting and exciting course with state-of-the-art facilities and great connections to hospitals and GP practices. Even in first year, we attend placement at a GP practice once a week, which really helps us put what we have learnt into practice.

As a physician associate, I will be conducting examinations, medical histories and formulating diagnoses. This allows autonomy within the role but with appropriate support from a doctor. The breadth of the profession allows me to work in any area of medicine and this flexibility really appeals to me. As the profession is still fairly new, it is exciting to see what the future holds for physician associates, and how their role in the NHS will develop. I am looking forward to being a pioneer for the ever-growing profession.

I really enjoy applying my knowledge to practice, for example, learning about the physiology of a disease in a lecture, being taught how to examine someone with the disease in practical sessions and then consolidating all this knowledge when seeing a patient while on placement. It is so fulfilling knowing that I am studying a course that really interests me and that what I learn will contribute to improving the health of others in the future.

"The University’s lecturers are knowledgeable, supportive and approachable."

The University’s lecturers are knowledgeable, supportive and approachable. Many of them are GPs and there is also a qualified physician associate, which provides great insight into what the profession will really be like.

We also have guest lectures from experts in the field, so you know you are receiving the best quality teaching.

It is an intense course and you have to work really hard, but when I look back on how much I’ve learnt since the beginning of the year – it’s a huge achievement and I’m pretty proud of that.

Since starting at Surrey, I have definitely learnt to prioritise better, whether it be my studies, my social life or just time for myself. Once I have completed the course and passed the national exam, I would like to get a job as a physician associate in a hospital. I am not sure which area of medicine I would like to begin my career in yet, but after I have completed my hospital placements and finished the course, I imagine I’ll have a pretty good idea!"


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