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Elliot Orsbon

Elliot Orsborn

"I love being part of two Schools at Surrey as I get to meet a wider variety of students and professors. On a standard working day, I can be in classes of 20 or 200 people."


Business Management and Spanish BSc (Hons)

Entry year


Choosing Surrey

When I was 15, I came to Surrey for an Open Day with my dad. I was studying for my GCSE’s and was very interested in developing my abilities in Spanish. I came for a second Open Day whilst studying my A-Levels, and this confirmed that Surrey was the right place for me. It’s so close to London, but I really loved the community feel of the campus (which you don’t really get with City Universities) and everybody was very welcoming.

The Course

Many businesses have increasingly international ties. Gaining a cultural understanding of Spanish will allow me to appreciate the complexities of cross-cultural communication and enable me to thrive in a multilingual business environment. I have a passion for languages and an interest in the challenges of business. It’s quite a unique course to embark on and will allow me to develop a variety of skills across both disciplines.  

I love being part of two Schools at Surrey as I get to meet a wider variety of students and professors. On a standard working day, I can be in classes of 20 or 200 people – I am able to experience the closeness of the smaller School of Literature and Languages, and the huge variety within the Surrey Business School.

Academic staff and facilities

At Surrey, students are appointed a personal tutor from their School, who can help with anything from professional development to personal issues. I have really benefitted from the regular meetings with my personal tutor – and I feel they really understand and respect all my concerns.

As a language student, you’ll have exclusive access to the Languages Common Room, a place where many of my course mates love to study. There are so many study spaces on campus to choose from, however I often gravitate toward the library. There are FIVE floors and it’s open 24 hours a day. I find I am more productive in the evenings; therefore, the ability to stay in the library until 1am perfectly suits my study needs.  

University Accommodation

I have lived in both Cathedral Court and Surrey Court (both band B and C). I have absolutely loved being in the centre of campus, as I can wake up at 8:50am and still make it on time to my 9:00am lectures! The view from my room in Surrey Court is amazing, I can see Woking and sometimes the lights of London. Although I live in the centre of campus, there really isn’t a lot of noise and the rooms are well soundproofed.  

It’s a nice vibe too, there’s always somebody to chat to in the kitchen and any issues with your flatmates can be resolved through the warden.  

Best bits

“Being so close to London, whilst enjoying the relaxing nature of campus life, creates a balance that is unique to Surrey”.

I can sit by the lake in the summer and work, then be in central London’s bars and clubs by the evening. During the late stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was still able to enjoy the study spaces available on campus and make the most of Guildford’s green spaces. Tesco and Lidl are only a 15 minute walk, and I am still discovering nooks and crannies of campus that I didn’t discover on one of the open days.