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Fiona Sweny

Fiona Sweny

"I absolutely love the course.Due to the smaller cohort size we have excellent support from the staff and we all get to know each other well."


Master of Business Administration

Entry year


I live in Guildford, so Surrey was the obvious choice for me, particularly as my youngest son was only nine months when I started the course. In addition, I was attracted by the smaller class numbers compared to the London MBAs. I was offered a ‘Women in Leadership’ scholarship which made the programme more affordable. I absolutely love the course. Due to the smaller cohort size, we have excellent support from the staff and we all get to know each other well.

 "Surrey is unique I believe, in the outstanding level of career development support that we have access to."

There are also a number of opportunities available to students that you can seek out, such as my interaction with the Student Enterprise which was pivotal in accelerating the early success of my business. The visiting lecturers enhance the course so much and have given me further networking opportunities and I have also discovered that the different departments within the University are also willing to connect with you to offer advice where possible. 

Given my background, the more traditional modules such as Strategy and Finance are likely to have a great impact on my employability. However, the personalised career development support both formal and informal has, and will continue to have the greatest impact.

"From a very personal perspective, I am most proud of balancing my role as a mum to two young children, with my studies and in addition setting up a new business. I have demonstrated to myself and also, I think to my cohort that the opportunity is out there should you seek it and commit to it."

I would say that if you enjoy working within a smaller cohort where you have an influence and a voice then the Surrey MBA is a fantastic course to take. The focus on soft skills in conjunction with the traditional MBA topics equips you well for your future career. 

Despite the Covid-19 situation disrupting the MBA and changing the way we work, the MBA team have been fantastic at ensuring that our studies can continue with very little change, and they have adapted to the needs of the cohort and also to the individual. I think that they should be applauded for this.

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