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Leon Lynn

Leon Lynn

"Thestaff on my course are brilliant. The literature academics and creative writers know their areas so well and are excited to share and build their knowledge with their students."


English Literature with Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Entry year



I chose to study English Literature with Creative Writing as I enjoyed the unique mix of academic and creative learning which Surrey demonstrated at their open days. The literature modules focus on deconstructing writing technique, contextualising texts and applying theoretical frameworks, while the creative writing modules focus on building technique across forms as a writer. A synergy is encouraged across the modules, as what you learn in literature can be applied in creative writing, and vice versa – and this has improved both my writing and analytical skills.  

I also enjoy the camaraderie the creative writing workshops breed. Spending so much time sharing and discussing with your cohort helps to open you up as a writer and makes you more confident and comfortable in sharing your work.


The staff on my course are brilliant. The literature academics and creative writers know their areas so well and are excited to share and build their knowledge with their students. I’ve had many lessons and one-to-ones where both the staff and the student have been as passionate and excited as each other, and it  breeds a wonderful atmosphere to work within. 

As for facilities, Surrey's Library is extremely extensive, and holds a lot of useful and rare books that have been invaluable during my course.


I am currently Head of Marketing for The Stag Magazine, and Assistant Director for the Surrey New Writers’ Festival. Both experiences have taught me new skills and led me to work with some amazing people.


Guildford has a rich history, especially with literature and music, and that is reflected in the vibrant alternative indie music scene present across the town. There is always a new band to see or new history to explore, which gives Guildford its character, making it one of my favourite places to be both night and day. And of course, London is not far away if you feel the need for even more history and nightlife.


Due to the pandemic I took a gap year instead of a Professional Placement and started freelancing for a small video game company called Flaming Fowl Studios. The work involves proofreading, editing, general copywriting and designing story arcs for characters. The highlight is definitely seeing my writing in a real, public game.


My best moment at Surrey so far was reading one of my own short stories alongside other students and staff at a faculty staff and student lunchtime reading. It was amazing to be asked to read to a full lecture theatre, and even more exciting to do it. I’ve also had a lot of great nights out and good experiences in my lessons themselves that come a close second.