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Louisa Belgrave

Louisa Belgrave

"I would definitely recommend doing a placement. It was the best experience of my life and I have gained so much for my CV and myself."

Veterinary Biosciences
Placement company
University of Saskatchewan's Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Canada

"I chose the University of Surrey because it has a wonderful reputation and offered so many things that were important to me. I loved the idea of being on a campus and being close to everything while at university (teaching buildings, places to eat, halls). My parents both grew up in Guildford so I knew the city and how beautiful it is, and when I checked the University's results in league tables I realised it was a fantastic university too.

The offer of a Professional Training placement made the decision for me - in this era it is so difficult to get a job, especially in the sciences, without sufficient experience. Doing my placement has allowed me eight months of work experience in the sector before I have even graduated.

I came to an Applicant Day and would definitely recommend it, it gives you a feel for the University and gives you so much insight into your particular degree programme.

I have always wanted to work in science and with animals. All through school I was only ever told about Veterinary medicine, so just assumed I would do that, but I knew it wasn't right for me. Veterinary Biosciences is the perfect mix of science and veterinary aspects so I was thrilled when I found the course on the University of Surrey website.

We work with so many different degree programmes which allows us to have such a broad area of study, as well as veterinary specific modules. There are loads of optional modules so you can usually tailor the degree to what you want to achieve.

The University has great facilities and the staff are knowledgeable - they are always popping up in research papers and textbooks!

I lived in university accommodation in first year. It was nice, and comforting to know it is guaranteed for first years.

The Sports Park is amazing - such an asset. I also love the town of Guildford, you feel safe at any time of day and there are great things to do there.

I did a Professional Training placement at the University of Saskatchewan's Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Canada.

The placement was advertised by the University. I applied via the University and had a skype interview with my supervisor and with a tutor from the University of Surrey with me. 

I was the Primary Research Assistant for a novel research project. It was amazing to be part of something completely new. I got to work with some of the world's top vets, and learnt so much about the research industry, working in a different country, and myself! 

I would definitely recommend doing a placement. I wasn't sure about it initially, as it extends your course by a year, but it was the best experience of my life and I have gained so much for my CV and myself. 

I decided to do my placement abroad because it was something I would never, ever have done. The opportunity was too good to miss and I knew I would gain so much. I learnt about how different countries do things, travelled Canada and gained life skills. Doing a placement abroad is the best thing you will ever do. 

I have become a much more confident person since attending university. I have grown as a student, and as a person, and have a much clearer idea of where I want to go in life.

It all goes so quickly. Enjoy every second of university and take every opportunity given to you (there will be lots!)."


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