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Sadhana Jagannath, MSc Environmental Psychology student at the University of Surrey

Sadhana Jagannath

"Studying on a multidisciplinary course with students from various academic backgrounds has taught me things I could not have otherwise learnt."


Environmental Psychology MSc

Entry year


I joined the University of Surrey for its MSc in Environmental Psychology. It is new and niche and isn’t offered in any of the universities (as a masters course) which are globally recognised for their work in the field of psychology. The University of Surrey has a strong background, experience and expertise in the field of environmental psychology. As an Architect who wanted to direct towards a career focused on research-based designs, the University of Surrey, well-known for being a research university and for its active participation and accomplishments, was definitely an assuring choice.

The idea behind migrating towards the field of psychology from architecture was to understand how human behaviour varies in different environmental settings which can in-turn be used to design spaces that capture the relationship between human behaviour and articulation of spaces. Practising environmental psychology could eliminate the possibility of failure in trending designs and facilitate an in-depth understanding of the personalisation of spaces.

Studying on a multidisciplinary course with students from various academic backgrounds has taught me things I could not have otherwise learnt. Learning how different people think, learn and act has significantly improved my abilities to work in collaboration.

The staff are enthusiastic and competent. I have always received support from them when required. I have a lot to take back from the discussions had during the lectures and research group meetings.

I live in a band D room on Manor Park campus. Band D offers the right amount of privacy as well as interaction amongst the flatmates. The best part of my flat is the kitchen – my flatmates are always cooking amazing food and I get to taste/eat it.

"Every module contributes to the better understanding of the diverse and evolving field of  environmental psychology. I enjoy the challenges we face while trying to tackle the exercises and assignments."

I’ve been extremely satisfied with the balance I’ve managed to strike between my academic study and life outside. I enjoy my part-time work and have made some good friends from the societies and clubs. Going to the Sports Park is something every student enjoys. The Library and the greenery on campus are the highlights of campus living.

I enjoy living in Guildford. It is very similar to my hometown in terms of the calmness and the activities happening around. We are located in a place of suitable proximity to London, the coast, and the airports as well to facilitate long-distance travels. Given my interests in travelling and the opportunity to visit the buildings I’ve studied, I’ve managed to visit London several times and other places around Surrey such as Bath, Salisbury, Stonehenge and even a short vacation to Scotland and Europe.

I've definitely noticed a positive change in myself. Being surrounded by students of diverse ethnicity makes you a good listener, a keen observer and a great enthusiast when learning about the different cultures. I’ve become more sensitive towards communicating and interacting with people in general.

I am interested in learning about practice in environmental psychology and would love to work with environmental psychology firms. The course has made me develop a keen interest in the research that’s being taken up by various groups and institutions which has made me consider pursuing PhD study.

Studying here is an experience worth having. I didn’t realise how fortunate I am to be a part of the University until I was congratulated by most people for having secured admissions here!

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