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Scott Munro

Scott Munro

"My overall PhD experience has been very positive. With the support of my supervision team and the other postgraduate researchers around, I soon settled in to life as a PhD student."

"I completed my BSc (Hons) Paramedic Practice at the University of Surrey and decided to stay on at Surrey for my doctorate.

I had a really positive experience at Surrey during my undergraduate course, so I was happy to stay on and do my postgraduate training here too. My supervisors are experts in their fields and provide fantastic support and guidance, so I’m really pleased I stayed at Surrey.

As well as doing my PhD, I also work as a paramedic for an NHS Ambulance Trust. In this job, I saw that there are gaps in our knowledge around what the best and most effective treatments for the patients we are caring for are, and I wanted to do something to help ensure that our patients are getting the best available care.

My overall PhD experience has been very positive. At first I was quite anxious and felt a bit like an imposter, but with the support of my supervision team and the other postgraduate researchers around, I soon settled in to life as a PhD student.

My supervisors have been absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t have got through to this stage of my PhD without them. They provide expert knowledge, as well as providing brilliant pastoral care in the more challenging periods of my studies. I really owe a lot to them.

Getting the chance to publish a systematic review from my PhD in an international peer-reviewed journal was an extremely proud moment for me. I also really enjoy giving lectures to the undergraduate students about why research is so important and how developing critical appraisal skills will help them and their patients throughout their careers.

Guildford is such a nice town. There are great shops and restaurants and a welcoming community to embed in. I now live and work in Guildford permanently, so it obviously made a good impression on me while I was studying here.

Guildford is also a great gateway to get to the rest of the UK, with easy access to the coast down the A3 and only a short train ride in to central London. Being close to the M25 means that the motorways to get to other parts of the country aren’t far away either and the two largest airports are less than an hour away.

I’m currently considering applying for a post-doctoral position to carry on having a balance between clinical work on the ambulances and academic work."


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