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Tim McKeever

Tim McKeever

"A placement informs a firm understanding of the working environment and will hold one in better stead when looking for a job after graduating. Working for Sky was a fantastic experience, one I was very lucky to have."


Music and Sound Recording (Tonmeister)

Placement company

Sky Production Services

"I came to Surrey because it offered the Tonmeister course. The Tonmeister course was the only course in the country that could offer exactly what I wanted to do.

Another reason why I chose Surrey is for the fantastic Professional Training placement opportunities that the course offers – it has a very good track record of offering great placements that have influenced entire careers. The consistency of successful alumni from the course proves it offers an education unrivalled across the country.

This was very attractive when choosing a programme to study. 
I have always been interested in music, maths, physics and recording. The Tonmeister course proved to be an excellent combination of these topics. I found the course during my GCSE years and did not find an alternative that would have suited me better. 

The excellent one-to-one tutorials that are always readily available have been excellent throughout the course. We have 27 students in the final year of the Tonmeister course. There are 7 full time staff members who all welcome tutorials with us.

The ratio of staff to students offered is unheard of in the vast majority of courses offered in the UK. The facilities also pride themselves on being at a professional studio-like standard and the University Library is great.

I was a part of the Orchestra two years ago. We regularly held concerts which were extremely enjoyable. It motivated me to continue pursuing practice and performance.

For my Professional Training placement, I worked for Sky Production Services. I supported a department of Audio Dubbing Mixers, who worked on a combination of fast turnaround work such as advertisements/promos and Sky Sports, and ‘long form’ - longer programmes that last for 20+ minutes. My job title was ‘Trainee Dubbing Mixer’.

I progressed onto working on shows independently and gravitated towards working on shows like LAOTY and PAOTY (Landscape and Portrait Artists of the Year), mainly involving Dialogue Editing. Although this was my primary interest, I was also given the opportunity to work with fast turnaround material, recording voice overs for various podcasts, advertisements and sports – including working with some of Sky’s famous sports personalities.

A placement informs a firm understanding of the working environment and will hold one in better stead when looking for a job after graduating. Working for Sky was a fantastic experience, one I was very lucky to have. I hold the year as a great success of mine, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I hold it as a success because I am currently still working for Sky on a part-time basis throughout my final year at Surrey, a contract that is due to last until 2018. 

Here’s a list of 5 things that I deemed most exciting about my placement:

  • I regularly engineered short packages, advertisements and podcasts that went to air within the week
  • I recorded James Nesbitt voicing the titles for the US Open (Golf)
  • I recorded Martin Tyler on several occasions for short packages
  • I achieved my first TV credit as an Assistant Dubbing Editor
  • The amazing variety of gourmet food at subsidised prices

Since starting university I have matured and gained a much better understanding of the industry I wish to enter. In the future, I would like to pursue Audio Post Production for Film or TV, in what capacity... we will see!"

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