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University of Surrey recognised for cyber security research

 The University of Surrey has today (Monday 3 April) been awarded recognition as one of the Government's "Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research” for a further five years.

Surrey’s Professor Jim Al-Khalili creates a “Time Warper” smartphone app for BBC Four Special on gravity

Professor Jim Al-Khalili of the University of Surrey is presenting a major new BBC Four programme exploring the history and science of nature’s most important force: gravity, which affects how fast we age, and how much we weigh. The programme will also investigate how gravity affects the flow of time; and it will be based on data collected by a specially created Time Warper smartphone app, developed by Computer Science students at Surrey.

University of Surrey develops an innovative ‘all in one’ user authentication technology

The University of Surrey has developed an innovative ‘all in one’ password system that will allow users to combine pictures, their face, eyes or fingerprints – alongside or instead of word-based systems – on their work or home computers.

Cyber security experts help stage conferences on sexting

The University’s Department of Computer Science has worked with Surrey Police to stage conferences for Surrey school students on the subject of ‘sexting’ – and has now helped launch a special website on global Safer Internet Day.

Secure Systems expert joins Computer Science Department

Joining Surrey’s Department of Computer Science as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow, Dr Ioana Boureanu aims to drive innovative research in provably secure authentication solutions and verification of security and privacy.

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