Our trials are run in our newly refurbished clinical areas to support high-quality clinical research.

Clinical areas

Our self-contained facilities can be used for a variety of different types of visits, including screening, residential stays and outpatient visits. All equipment is appropriately calibrated, maintained and serviced. 


  • 6 beds
  • Nurse station with monitoring for each bed
  • Telemetry and ECG capability
  • Resuscitation trolley stocked according to UK Resuscitation Council guidance
  • Call bell/emergency system
  • Adjustable lighting settings
  • Bedside cabinets
  • Toilets and shower facilities.

Individual clinical rooms

  • Consultation room with bed
  • Private setting for informed consent/sensitive discussions
  • ECG capability
  • Call bell/emergency alarm system.

Drug store

  • Fully secure drug storage facility with strictly limited access
  • Continuous monitoring of temperatures with dial-out alarm
  • Room and cold temperature storage for both open-label and blinded study product (including Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP), stock medications and rescue drugs)
  • Full accountability records (including records of receipt, dispensing and destruction).

Volunteer social area and kitchen facilities

Our modern, light recreational facility overseen by the nurse station is a comfortable space for volunteers to use during their visit.

Lounge dining area 

  • Sofa seating 
  • Dining facilities  
  • Wi-Fi availability 
  • Call bell system.  

Kitchen facilities  

  • Standard meals can be provided  
  • Access restricted to staff only.

Laboratory and temporary sample storage facility

We have an in-house sample processing laboratory for researcher use for processing a range of biological samples.

  • Sample processing lab
  • Processing capacity includes whole blood, serum, plasma, saliva, urine, peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), biopsy and faecal samples
  • Equipment available includes: centrifuges, Class II microbiological safety cabinet, pipettes, heat block, balances
  • Storage of samples down to -80oC with arrangements in place for emergency back-up
  • Continuous monitoring of temperatures with dial-out alarm
  • Shipping in accordance with regulations
  • Temporary sample storage area.