About us

Surrey Clinical Research Facility (CRF) is dedicated to research trials and studies in adults.


Surrey Clinical Research Facility (CRF), formerly Surrey Clinical Research Centre, is located in the purpose-built Clinical Research Building within the University of Surrey. We are based in Guildford, Surrey, which is close to London with strong travel links. The CRF sits within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS) and benefits from close working relationships with academics across the University, the Royal Surrey County Hospital and beyond.

We are recognised as a centre for the delivery of clinical trials and studies involving adult healthy volunteers and patients following scientifically robust and ethically approved protocols. We have over 20 years’ experience in undertaking clinical trials and have worked to MHRA Accreditation standards since 2010. We have particular expertise in the delivery of early phase studies such as First in Human (FIH), Phase I and Phase IIa (proof of concept). We undertake studies in various research areas, including cardiovascular, circadian rhythms, dermatology, genetically modified organisms, infectious diseases, medical devices, nutrition, oncology, sleep/wake, and vaccines.

We work closely on sleep studies with the Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC), which is led by Professor Derk-Jan Dijk. We also benefit from a strong relationship with the Surrey Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), under the directorship of Professor Simon Skene.

Our timeline 

1960s: We began as Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit with Professor Ian Hindmarch at the University of Leeds. 

1990: We moved to the University of Surrey and were based in Milford, Surrey.

1999: We moved to the current purpose-built facility in the University of Surrey. 

2003: Surrey Sleep Research Centre was founded. 

2006: We are renamed Surrey Clinical Research Centre. 

2016: The DRI Living Lab opens.  

2019: We are renamed Surrey Clinical Research Facility to sit alongside the Surrey Clinical Trials Unit and Surrey Sleep Research Centre within the Clinical Research Building. 

2020: We formally reopen following an extensive refurbishment of the Clinical Research Building.

2021: The Surrey Vaccine Trial Hub collaboration with the Royal Surrey Foundation Trust is launched.


All studies run within the Clinical Research Faciltiy are conducted to the highest standards of safety and comply with up to date and relevant regulations and ethical guidelines. We work to well-defined standard operating procedures and work instructions and all staff are provided full training as relevant to their specific roles.