Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC)

About Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC)

The Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC) was founded by  Professor Derk-Jan Dijk in 2003.  

Our sleep research covers fascinating areas including: 

  • The regulation of human sleep by circadian rhythmicity (our internal body clock)
  • The effects of light on sleep, performance and circadian rhythms
  • Ageing, sleep and cognition
  • The causes, consequences and treatment of circadian rhythm disorders as experienced by shift workers, transmeridian air travellers, blind people and older people
  • The effects of insufficient sleep on cognition, mood and metabolism
  • The effects of mistimed sleep and insufficient sleep on patterns of gene expression
  • The investigation of new medicines to help you sleep (hypnotics) or to stay awake (wake promoting compounds) as counter measures in insomnia, shift work and jet lag.

Our facilities 

Sleep and Wake monitoring at Surrey Clinical Research Centre (CRC)

We have 12 state of the art, individual sleep/intensive physiological monitoring laboratories which have advanced sound attenuation, light and temperature control, and isolation from all external time cues.