About us

We are working hard to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment, economy and community.

Our vision

We will be synonymous with sustainability literacy, applied best practice, research and leadership.

  • Education - we will develop students’ awareness of sustainability through currircular and co-curricular provision.
  • Research - we will lead on sustainable research, drawing in private as well as public funding.
  • Operations and influence - we will set challenging targets to reduce our environmental impact, and use our influence to help others become more sustainable.
  • Students - our students will go on to promote life-long sustainable solutions into all sectors across the world.

Sustainable Development Goals 

To reflect our corporate commitment to embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our operations and education, we have signed the Sustainable Development Goals Accord. This asserts us to align all major efforts with the SDGs by collaborating with key stakeholder groups and other signatory institutions.

We are reviewing our policies to ensure they are aligned with the SDGs to provide a global context to our on-campus actions.

Annual Sustainability Report 18/19

It is two years since the University set a strong vision for a sustainable future, to develop students’ awareness of sustainability, to lead on sustainable research and to set challenging targets to reduce its operational impact.

The University’s first Sustainability Annual Report demonstrates our progress in these areas and showcases our achievements during 2018/19.