Sustainability is one of the University’s thematic priorities with sustainability being one of our first research themes, launched in late 2016.

Sustainability Research Theme

Various topic areas form the basis of the whole of the Sustainability Research Theme and represent areas in which Surrey’s capabilities will continue to be developed, these include:

  • Life cycle assessment
  • Food, energy and water
  • Climate change science
  • Sustainable living and behaviour
  • Policy development and governance
  • Pollution management and mitigation. 

University of Surrey Living Lab 

Our Living Lab builds on the University’s long heritage of investing in campus demonstrators and maps to key strategic research themes, including sustainability. There are also links to some of the key priorities in the government’s UK Industrial Strategy - a long-term plan for boosting the productivity and earning power of people throughout the UK. 

This approach is used across collaborative research projects and research programmes. To see examples of these projects, please visit their website.

Sustainability research centres

Sustainability research is a vital part of research activity across the University.

Institute for Sustainability

Our vision is a world where everyone lives fulfilling and healthy lives within the limits of the planet, facilitated by environmental protection and social equity being deeply engrained in the basic values of people and organisations.