Staff engagement

We want to continuously promote a culture of trust and inclusion for all our colleagues and this, in turn, will contribute to your success at work and our success as a University.

Colleague Voice

Colleague voice is about encouraging you to communicate your views with us so that you can influence matters that affect you at work. 

Your idea-sharing and feedback allows us to see how we are doing and how you feel about working with us. We are committed to sharing the feedback you have given us, as well as communicating back to you what we have done with information you have given. 

How we promote and listen to your voice:

  • People survey
  • New starter survey
  • Exit survey
  • Colleague networks
  • Report and support
  • Developing managers
  • Leaders who listen.

People survey 

This is an annual opportunity for all colleagues to have a say about their job and experience of working as well as play a part in shaping the future of the University

Our average response rate is 75 per cent and all feedback is considered and directly informs our HR strategy and priorities. In addition, action plans are developed and implemented in response to the comments. Subject areas for the survey include: communication, reward and recognition, work life balance and leadership and managing change.

New starter survey 

Giving our new starters a fantastic start to their careers and their time at Surrey is really important to us. As part of our commitment to the new starter experience, in December 2022 we launched a new starter survey, designed to not only measure how well we are doing, but to identify areas of improvement. 

Equality, Diversity and inclusion staff networks

The University recognises the power of staff networks, these groups provide an opportunity for colleagues to connect, socialise, support one another, and discuss issues of relevance to their communities.

Report & Support

If our colleagues or students need to report an incident of harassment or abuse, they need to know that their report will be dealt with sensitively, and by someone with the authority to act. All reports are treated impartially, with the appropriate level of investigation. 

Find out more about Report & Support.

Trade unions

The University recognises three trade unions for collective bargaining and consultation for all colleagues:

The unions also advise, support and represent their members in relation to individual matters.