Staff engagement

We engage with all University of Surrey staff members, here are some examples of how.

Staff survey

This is an annual opportunity for all the staff to have a say about their job and experience of working as well as play a part in shaping the future of the University

Our average response rate is 75 per cent and all feedback is considered and directly informs our HR strategy and priorities. In addition, action plans are developed and implemented in response to the comments. Subject areas for the survey include: communication, reward and recognition, work life balance and leadership and managing change.

Red Tape Challenge

We value open discussion at Surrey and no idea is too small. The University of Surrey has developed the Red Tape Challenge to encourage and reward employees who come forward with ideas which can improve performance and/or generate financial savings. This is an opportunity for staff to address issues with the winning suggestion receiving £500 worth of vouchers and four runner-up vouchers of £250!

Engaging with our neighbours

How we are perceived by those who live in close proximity is really important to the University. Feedback from a short online survey has helped us understand how we are viewed and will help us strengthen our links with the community and identify steps we could be taking to share more about the University with you