Executive Board

The Executive Board is the senior advisory body that assists the President and Vice-Chancellor in discharging his executive authority to manage the operations and affairs of the University.

Members of the Executive Board

President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor G Q Max Lu

Provost and Executive Vice-President

Professor Michael Kearney

Chief Operating Officer

Mr David Sharkey

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Philip Grainge

Senior Vice-President, Advancement and Community

Mr Greg Melly

Senior Vice-President, Global

Professor Vince Emery

Vice-Provost, Education and Students

Professor Jane Powell

Vice-Provost, Research and Innovation

Professor David Sampson

Vice-President, Human Resources

Mr Paul Stephenson

Director of Strategy and Senior Executive Officer

Ms Martine Carter

Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Graham Miller

Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Professor Paul Smith

Executive Dean, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Professor Helen Griffiths

University Secretary and Legal Counsel

Ms Sarah Litchfield