Executive Board

The Executive Board is the senior advisory body that assists the President and Vice-Chancellor in discharging his executive authority to manage the operations and affairs of the University.

Members of the Executive Board

G Q Max Lu profile image

Professor G Q Max Lu

President and Vice-Chancellor

Tim Dunne profile image

Professor Tim Dunne

Provost and Senior Vice-President

Will Davies profile image

Will Davies

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Nigel Alcock

Nigel Alcock

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Annika Bautz profile image

Professor Annika Bautz

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Executive Dean (FASS)

Martine Carter profile image

Martine Carter

Vice-President Strategy, Planning and Performance

Lisa Collins

Professor Lisa Collins

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education

Patrick Degg profile image

Patrick Degg

Vice-President, Global

Kerry Matthews profile image

Kerry Matthews

Chief Student Officer

Emma Mayhew profile image

Professor Emma Mayhew

Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education

Bob Nichol profile image

Professor Bob Nichol

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Executive Dean (FEPS)

Karen Raymer

Karen Raymer

Acting Chief People Officer

Paul A. Townsend profile image

Professor Paul Townsend

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Executive Dean (FHMS)

Executive Board expenses

Expenses for Executive Board members are published quarterly, on a cumulative basis for the financial year to date. Expenditure comprises of directly reimbursed expenses, plus costs incurred on corporate credit cards and the cost of travel booked through the University’s travel management company.

Published expenditure reflects the different roles carried out by Executive Board members, with some members required to engage more widely outside the University, both within the UK and abroad, than others.

Executive Board terms of reference and membership