Adjustment and Clearing

If you want to study at Surrey but don’t have an offer, you might be able to secure a place through Adjustment or Clearing.


If you get better grades than you need for your offer for your firm choice, you'll be eligible for Adjustment.

Adjustment gives you the opportunity to get a place on an alternative course while still holding your firm place.

You need to register for Adjustment through UCAS Track. Further details are available on the UCAS website.


If you don't have a confirmed place at university once you've got your exam results, you might be able to get a place through Clearing.

If you're interested in applying through Clearing you should contact universities directly to see if they have any spaces. Most universities publish details of Clearing spaces on their website, and you can get a full list of Clearing spaces from UCAS.

Further details about Clearing can be found on our Clearing site as well as the UCAS website.