Business Insights Lab

Surrey Business School is home to the Business Insights Lab, which brings academic research together with business and industry to put the latest ideas into practice.

The need for experimentation

Designed to teach business skills for the Digital Age, the Business Insights Lab draws together research, teaching, brokering and problem solving, tapping on our strengths across the University, to foster new business innovation strategies.

In the Business Insights Lab, we don’t just study theory; we shape and develop new practice through collaboration and experimentation.

Our lab participants problem-solve creatively, in a changing landscape, whilst learning interactive skills and methods around innovation and entrepreneurship.

How we work

There is a direct parallel between our work in the Lab, and the nature of bees both collectively and individually. By drawing together expertise from across disciplines, we are able to transfer and share knowledge between sectors, in effect cross-pollinating and brokering ideas that would not be fertilised in isolation.

How Surrey Business School can help

Combining insightful academic thinking with practical application, we help to test the hypotheses that drive real business experiments.

Not only is our research focused on real-world problems, we also place student enterprise at the heart of our School.

All this means your company can engage with students, academics and practitioners to test new ideas and get rapid feedback, all to the benefit of your business.

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