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Capturing knowledge and inspiring ambition, we are collaborating with businesses to develop practical solutions and insights to solve real business challenges. We work with corporate businesses, SMEs, start-ups, national and local policy-makers, government and the third sector. Opportunities to share knowledge inform our research and mean that we can provide insights to bring meaningful change to your business.

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Find out more about how we are collaborating with businesses, developing practical solutions and insights with them in these fast-moving times. 

Gavin Wichello

"I can collaborate with some of the best business minds in the world and try new approaches whilst minimising risk."

Gavin Whichello, Owner and Chairman, Qube Learning

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Being connected matters in a world that is experiencing the dramatic effect of globalisation. We make sure that while you are studying you are connecting to business and industry with an international perspective. The pace of change is quickening and ourcourses can help you keep up with this.


We have shaped a home for future technologies so that discoveries can have a tangible societal impact beyond our doors. Take a look at some of our top facilities.

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Adrian Shanks

Business Development Officer

Adrian Shanks