Research themes

Our research themes provide focus to a variety of topics and align them to have both local and international vision.

Key themes

Our research is multidisciplinary and covers a wide range of topics. We work on challenging areas in close collaboration with colleagues across the University and relevant industries.

Business transformation
  • Business analytics, business optimisation and economics
  • Data-driven management
  • Operations, logistics and business process management
  • Lean thinking and agile manufacturing
Digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Digital transformation
  • Personal data economy
  • Digital platforms and ecosystems
  • Open data and big data
Finance and accounting
  • International expansion
  • Empirical behavioural finance
  • Risk taking by financial institutions
  • Bank market power and firm performance
Marketing and retail management
  • Retail marketing and distribution management
  • Service marketing and management
  • Consumer and shopper behaviour
People and organisations
  • Leadership and team processes
  • Organisational and human resource management assessment
  • Quality of working life
Strategy and entrepreneurship
  • Mobile working and new working practices
  • Wellbeing and the work-life interface
  • Social enterprise
  • Business incubation