Surface and Interfaces Reactions Group

We comprise of more than 20 academics and researchers, and are concerned with understanding the manner in which materials surfaces interact with each other and their environments.


Surface and Interfaces Reactions Group members

Interactions of materials surfaces may enhance their performance, as in the pre-treatment of polymers, protective coatings and polymer to metal adhesion or be deleterious as in the case of metallic corrosion and environmental degradation of plastic materials.

Our research is sponsored by both the government and industrial sources and our portfolio of research projects is split between fundamental scientific investigations and the study of problems directly relevant to industry and the community.

Our expertise

We have experience of studying the surfaces and interfaces of a vast range of materials used in diverse industrial sectors such as:

  • Power generation
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Tooling
  • Pharmaceuticals etc.

Principal group members

Members of our group play an important role in the worldwide surface analysis community.

Professor Watts is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Surface and Interface Analysis while Professor Castle is editor of the journal Surface Science Spectra.

Additionally members of our group fulfill important roles such as sitting on national and international committees (BSIC1160 and ISO TC201), organising international conferences (ECASIA and SIMS) and acting as guest editors and members of editorial boards of international journals.

Dr Marie-Laure Abel

Visiting Fellow

Dr Shumaila Babar

Research Fellow

Mark Baker profile image

Dr Mark Baker

Reader in Surface Science and Engineering

Professor James Castle

Emeritus Professor of Materials

Steven Hinder profile image

Dr Steven Hinder

Experimental Officer, Manager of the Surface Analysis Laboratory

John F Watts profile image

Professor John Watts

Professor of Materials Science