Surface and Interfaces Reactions Group

The Surface and Interfaces Reactions Group (SIRG), comprising more than 20 academics and researchers, is concerned with understanding the manner in which materials surfaces interact with each other and their environments.

Such interactions may enhance their performance, as in the pre-treatment of polymers, protective coatings and polymer to metal adhesion or be deleterious as in the case of metallic corrosion and environmental degradation of plastic materials.

Sponsorship for the research work is obtained from both government and industrial sources and the current portfolio of research projects is split between fundamental scientific investigations and the study of problems directly relevant to industry and the community.

The research group has experience of studying the surfaces and interfaces of a vast range of materials used in diverse industrial sectors such as:

  • Power generation
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Tooling
  • Pharmaceuticals etc.

The surface analytical instrumentation and expertise of the research group are offered to industry and academia for involvement in research projects or problem solving on a daily pro-rata basis.

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Surface and Interfaces Reactions Group members
The Surface and Interfaces Reactions Group

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