Members of the SIRG group play an important role in the worldwide surface analysis community.

Professor Watts is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Surface and Interface Analysis while Professor Castle is editor of the journal Surface Science Spectra.

Additionally members of the SIRG group fulfill important roles such as sitting on national and international committees (BSIC1160 & ISO TC201), organising international conferences (ECASIA and SIMS) and acting as guest editors and members of editorial boards of international journals. Current and recent projects undertaken in SIRG include:


The adhesion of organic coatings to Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel and other coil stock

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Siavash Adhami John Watts and Marie-Laure Abel Becker Industrial Coatings

Surface & bulk characterisation of cadmium zinc telluride (CZT)

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Shumaila Babar Mark Baker and John Watts University of Surrey

A study of the degradation mechanisms of carbon/carbon composite heat shield materials for spacecraft applications

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Alex Helm Mark Baker and John Watts EADS Astrium

Interfacial aspects of glass/polymer systems

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Naoko Sano Marie-Laure Abel and John Watts Crown Packaging

The Interfacial Chemistry of polyurethane/isocyanate metal interactions

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Kyoko Shimizu John Watts and Marie-Laure Abel Huntsman

Conversion coatings for aluminium Alloys: A surface investigation of corrosion mechanisms

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Rossana Grilli John Watts and Mark Baker European Space Agency

The surface chemistry of Hot Dipped Galvanise Steel:  The effect of modification on the adhesion of radiation curable coatings

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Paolo Marino John Watts and Marie-Laure Abel Becker Industrial Coatings

Nanocomposite reinforcements for polymer matrix composites

Student Supervisors Sponsored by
Arran Wood John Watts and Paul Smith EPSRC

Nanostructures TiO2 and TiON Photcatalytic Membranes for Water Treatment (NATIOMEM)

Researchers Principal Investigator Sponsored by
Rossana Grilli and Marie-Laure Abel Mark Baker European Union

Large Area Deposition of Functional Thin Film Materials

EngD Research Engineer Supervisor Sponsored by
Andrew Yeadon Mark Baker Plasma Quest Ltd.

Characterisation of Functional Metal Oxide Thin Films

KTP Associate Supervisor KTP Company Partner
Hayley Brown Mark Baker Plasma Quest Ltd.

A Novel In-line X-ray Monochromator for XPS Spectrometers

KTP Associate Supervisor KTP Company Partner
TBC Mark Baker Torr Scientific Ltd.

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