Our Italian (Intermediate) evening language classes are open to adult learners, aged 18 and over, and are taught by skilled and experienced tutors.

From October 2021 to June 2022 classes will be taught online via Zoom.

Classes are delivered over three terms and you can join at the beginning of each term:

  • Autumn term (October – December)
  • Winter term (January – March)
  • Spring term (April – June).

The winter and spring terms are a continuation of the autumn term. To complete a full level, you would normally attend all three consecutive terms.

Nevertheless, you can join the class at the beginning of any term. To ensure that you enrol on the right course if joining us in January or April, please check your language level with our tutors at one of our open evenings.

Course details

Please note, the syllabus may vary according to class progress and availability of materials.

Topics include:

  • Comparisons
  • Invitations
  • Expressing opinions and feelings
  • Asking for help
  • Making plans
  • Describing a product or object
  • Making a complaint


  • Pronouns: ci and neci vado, ne ho comprati tre
  • Combined pronouns: glielo dico io
  • Indicative vs past subjunctive: sono sicuro che è troppo presto - penso che sia troppo presto
  • Adverbs with -mente: lentamente, rapidamente

Topics include:

  • Giving an explanation
  • Initiating a conversation on the phone
  • Offering help
  • Reporting what someone said
  • Summarising a book
  • Listing advantages and disadvantages
  • Expressing agreement and disagreement


  • Imperfect subjunctive: pensavo che fosse troppo presto
  • Reported speech: la maestra ha detto agli alunni che potevano andare a casa
  • Impersonal forms: Si parla troppo di politica
  • Historic past: pascoli nacque all’inizio del novecento

Topics include:

  • Expressing preferences
  • Giving advice
  • Making hypotheses and assumptions
  • Enquiring about places to visit
  • Talking about historical figures and trips in the past
  • Asking for confirmation


  • Past conditional: sarebbe venuto prima possibile
  • Passive form with andare: la passata va fatta con pomodori maturi
  • Sebbene, nonostante, malgrado, benché + subjunctive: sebbene piovesse siamo usciti
  • Fare + infinito: ho fatto comprare il vino a Carlo
  • Adverb mica: mica male (not bad)

Reading list

Nuovo Espresso 3: libro dello studente e esercizi: corso di italiano B1 / CD. Bali, M., & Ziglio, L. (2014). Alma. 

We do not recommend you buy the course book before starting the course, in case the tutor changes the course book or you need to transfer to a different level. Our tutor will bring copies for the first class and will let you know which course book to purchase.


Classes run 7pm – 8:30pm on Thursday evenings, with eight classes per term.

Class size

Approximately 12 students.


At the end of each term, we will issue you with a certificate of attendance if you have been to a minimum of 75% of your classes.

    Entry requirements

    All applicants should be aged 18 and over.

    TermRequired experience
    AutumnYou should have a good knowledge of Italian. You will be expected to have knowledge of the topics and grammar covered in the autumn, winter and spring terms of our Italian (Pre-Intermediate) course.
    WinterYou should have a good knowledge of Italian. You will be expected to have knowledge of the topics and grammar covered in the autumn term of our Italian (Intermediate) course.
    SpringYou should have a good knowledge of Italian. You will be expected to have knowledge of the topics and grammar covered in the autumn and winter terms of our Italian (Intermediate) course.

    Fees and funding

    Price per person:

    £150 for one term


    £150 for one term

    Current Surrey degree student/staff

    £270 for two terms

    Public (10% discount)

    £255 for two terms

    Current Surrey degree student/staff (15% discount)

    £382 for three terms

    Public (15% discount)

    £360 for three terms

    Current Surrey degree student/staff (20% discount)

    Savings apply when you book multiple terms at the same time.

    Additional costs

    Books: approximately £25 - £40 (for three terms).

    How to apply

    Bookings are made via our online store. We advise early enrolment to secure a place.

    Apply now

    Terms and conditions

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    • This online prospectus has been prepared and published in advance of the commencement of the course. The University of Surrey has used its reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is accurate at the time of publishing, but changes (for example to course content or additional costs) may occur given the interval between publishing and commencement of the course. It is therefore very important to check this website for any updates before you apply for a course with us. Read more.