Spanish (Advanced)

Key information

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Time commitment: 12 hours


Distance learning

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Our Spanish (Advanced) evening language classes are open to adult learners, aged 18 and over, and are taught by skilled and experienced tutors.

Classes are delivered over three terms and you can join at the beginning of each term:

  • Autumn term (October – December)
  • Winter term (January – March)
  • Spring term (April – June).

The winter and spring terms are a continuation of the autumn term. To complete a full level, you would normally attend all three consecutive terms.

Nevertheless, you can join the class at the beginning of any term. To ensure that you enrol on the right course if joining us in January or April, please check your language level with our tutors at one of our open evenings.

Learning outcomes

You will be able to:

  • Communicate in everyday situations within Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Converse with native speakers using and understanding real-life Spanish.
  • Debate, comment, explain, describe and persuade constructing logical arguments on a wide range of issues.
  • Express yourselves with more complex and linguistically accurate structures.

Course details

Please note, the syllabus may vary according to class progress and availability of materials. Syllabus to be updated.

Topics include:

  • Current and social affairs in the Hispanic world
  • Voluntary work (NGOs)
  • Spanish history (the 60s)
  • Short-film analysis
  • Mexico and its origins.


  • Past tenses (preterit, imperfect, perfect and pluperfect)
  • Present subjunctive
  • Perfect subjunctive
  • Future perfect (“Habrá robado el banco”. Expressing hypothesis)
  • Relative clauses (el/la/los/las que, cuyo/a, etc.).

Topics include:

  • The Spanish National Health Service
  • Sports and healthy lifestyles
  • Social Media (las redes sociales)
  • Immigration and emigration
  • The Arts.


  • Imperfect Subjunctive (Si pudiera vivir en otro país…) (Me aconsejó que comiera mejor)
  • Subordinate clauses (Me indigna que no podamos trabajar desde casa) (La invité a María para que fuéramos de compras)
  • Passive voice (Un cuadro fue vendido en la subasta)
  • Passive constructions (“Se pasiva”) (Se han vendido todos los cuadros)
  • Phrasal verbs (Verbos de cambio) (llevar + gerundio, “Llevaba 5 años viviendo…”) (echarse + a + infinitivo, “Se echó a reír cuando me vio”) (ponerse + a + infinitivo, “Se puso a estudiar otra carrera”).

Topics include:

  • Advertising (Use of photography)
  • The Arts (Frida Khalo, Pablo Picasso)
  • Popular Festivals. Fiestas populares en el mundo hispano
  • Physical and personal description
  • Parts of the body
  • Uses of verbs “ser” & “estar”
  • Colloquial expressions
  • Short films (cortometrajes).


  • Pluperfect subjunctive (Si hubiera podido habría estudiado otra carrera)
  • Conditional perfect
  • Reported Speech (reporting statements and orders)
  • Expressing comparisons (más + de + relative clause> “Es más interesante de lo que creía”) (tan + adjective + como> “Era tan ingenuo como su padre”).

Reading list

Nuevo Prisma B2. Editorial Edinumen, ISBN: 9788498486407.

We do not recommend you buy the course book before starting the course, in case the tutor changes the course book or you need to transfer to a different level. Our tutor will bring copies for the first class and will let you know which course book to purchase.


Classes run 7pm – 8:30pm on Tuesday evenings, with eight classes per term.

Class size

Approximately 12 students.


At the end of each term, we will issue you with a certificate of attendance if you have been to a minimum of 75% of your classes.

    Entry requirements

    All applicants should be aged 18 and over.

    TermRequired experience
    AutumnYou should have a good command of Spanish and grammatical structures and/or have recently achieved a Spanish A-Level.
    WinterYou should have a good command of Spanish and grammatical structures and/or have recently achieved a Spanish A-Level.
    SpringYou should have a good command of Spanish and grammatical structures and/or have recently achieved a Spanish A-Level.

    Fees and funding

    Price per person:

    £150 for one term


    £150 for one term

    Current Surrey degree student/staff

    £270 for two terms

    Public (10% discount)

    £255 for two terms

    Current Surrey degree student/staff (15% discount)

    £382 for three terms

    Public (15% discount)

    £360 for three terms

    Current Surrey degree student/staff (20% discount)

    Savings apply when you book multiple terms at the same time.

    Additional costs

    Books: approximately £25 - £40 (for three terms).

    How to apply

    Bookings are made via our online store. We advise early enrolment to secure a place.

    Register your interest

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    • The course is open to adult learners over 18 years of age.
    • Payment of fees in full is required before attending the course.
    • Discounts are only applied if you book two or three terms for the same class in advance.
    • Your email address will be our primary point of contact during your course and important information will be sent to the email address you provided on your booking form.
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    If you book 14 days or less before the start of the course, no refund will be payable.

    Outside of this cooling off period, the following applies:

    If you enrol in the autumn term for one, two or three terms

    Cancellations received by 30 August 2020 23:59 GMT by email are eligible for a refund but incur an admin fee of £29.50. Beyond this time limit no refunds will be granted.

    If you enrol in the winter term for one or two terms

    Cancellations received by 29 November 2020 23:59 GMT by email are eligible for a refund but incur an admin fee of £29.50. Beyond this time limit no refunds will be granted.

    If you enrol for the spring term

    Cancellations received by 7 March 2021 23:59 GMT by email are eligible for a refund but incur an admin fee of £29.50. Beyond this time limit no refunds will be granted.


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