The Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulation (OSCAR)

The Office of Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulation (OSCAR) deals with the administration of student academic appeals, fitness to practise cases, fitness to study cases and student discipline.

Complaints made by students are dealt with locally in the first instance, either within a Faculty or a Central Department. Where a Complaint is escalated to Stage 2, OSCAR will appoint a Complaint Handler and will arrange Stage 3 Panels if required.

The Students' Union will be responsible for offering advice and support to students wishing to initiate procedures under the University's internal procedures.


Glenn Moulton, Head of OSCAR,

Ioana Enany, Deputy Head of OSCAR,

Corina Brind, Case Manager,

Amy Knight, Case Manager, (on maternity, returning May 2019)

Georgina Pollard, Case Manager,

Judy Turner, Case Manager, – 01483 686868


Extenuating circumstances

Please refer to our Privacy Notice: How Student Services & Administration handles your personal data in relation to extenuating circumstances (EC) applications

To submit an application for extenuating circumstances please sign-in to Student Self-Serve. You should then select ‘extenuating circumstances’ from the modules tab at the top of the page.

Academic appeals

Please refer to our Privacy Notice: How OSCAR handles your personal data in relation to academic appeals.

To submit an academic appeal, please sign-in to Student Self-Serve. You should then select 'My appeals' from the menu on the left of the page.

If you are unable to sign-in to Student Self-Service, please submit the below form.

Student disciplinary procedures


Fitness to practise

Fitness to study

Frequently asked questions

Who can submit an academic appeal?

You can appeal if you are:

  • A current student registered to study for a University of Surrey qualification or the award of its academic credits whether at the University, studying at a distance or at an Associated or Accredited Institution
  • A former student, providing you do so within the timescale specified
Can I appeal at any time?

No - there are time limits. Section 22 of the Regulations for Academic Appeals refers to the maximum time period for when an academic appeal must be submitted to OSCAR. This is no more than 10 working days after being notified of the decision you wish to appeal.

What can I appeal against?

You can appeal for the review of a decision affecting you that has been made by a University of Surrey academic body, or a body at an Associated or Accredited Institution (AI), with authority for making decisions or advising on your progression, assessment and academic awards.

Academic appeals may be formally requested by a student with respect to the following decisions:

  • Progression within a programme or transfer from a programme leading to one award to a programme leading to another award
  • Incorrect credits, incorrectly calculated and/or conferred marks, or degree classification or degree outcome in the case of a doctoral degree
  • Penalising you, including terminating your registration, for failing to make progress
  • Following an Academic Misconduct Panel
  • Non-recognition of extenuating circumstances following the process for dealing with such circumstances
What are the grounds for appeal?

Academic appeals can be made on the following grounds when there is independent evidence to show one or more of the following:

  • that staff or bodies have failed to follow regulations and/or procedures or have failed to follow them with due care
  • that staff or bodies have shown bias or prejudice towards the student in the way they have made the relevant academic decision
  • that the student's performance was affected by extenuating circumstances that they could not report at the time for valid reasons
  • that the student’s performance was affected by extenuating circumstances that were reported at the time and relevant new evidence has since  become available which has not been taken into account in making the relevant academic decision.
How do I appeal?

Firstly, it is important to make sure you have read the University the Regulations for Academic Appeal. This can be found in the resources section above.

Before deciding to submit an appeal, it is important you refer to the guidance in the Regulations which details circumstances in which the University will not consider an academic appeal.

You can submit an academic appeal online via Student Self-Serve. If you do not have access to Student Self-Serve you should submit an academic appeal form which can be downloaded from the resources section above.

Who can help me prepare my appeal?
The Students’ Union can provide help and support when preparing your appeal. You can visit their website and follow the ‘advice’ tab or the team can be contacted by emailing.
How long will my academic appeal take?

We aim to provide you with an outcome within 30 working days.

I have concerns regarding the student experience. What do I do?

Firstly, it is important to make sure you have read the University Procedure for Complaints.

You are advised to raise your complaint informally and as quickly as possible with the relevant tutor, supervisor or other appropriate person. If this first informal stage does not address the issue, you can submit a formal complaint, in accordance with the second stage of the Procedure for Complaints.

Why have I been fined by a Warden / Authorised Person?

Wardens / Authorised Persons are authorised to issue fines and warnings to students if they are found to be in breach of the Conditions of Residence and/or Student Disciplinary Regulations.

If you believe that the fine is disproportionate or there is fresh relevant evidence that was not available to the Warden / Authorised Person at the time or you believe and have evidence that the Warden / Authorised Person showed prejudice or bias towards you in the way they handled the matter, you can appeal the fine within 10 working days of the date of the fine letter/on the spot fine.

How long have I got to pay a fine from a Warden / Authorised Person?

You have 28 days from the date of the letter/on the spot fine issued to you by the Warden or Authorised Person.

How do I pay a fine?

Details on how to pay your fine will be included in the fine letter issued to you by the Warden / Authorised Person. You can pay your fine online using the University of Surrey Online Store.

Can I bring a friend to a Panel Hearing?

You can bring a friend or a representative from the Students’ Union to a Panel hearing. You will need to let the Panel Secretary know the name of the person you intend to bring and their relationship to you (i.e. friend, USSU representative) within 3 working days of the Panel hearing. This will be explained to you in a letter sent to you at least 5 working days before you are expected to attend the hearing.

My case involves another student and/or a member of staff. Can I request information relating to them?

Under the Data Protection Act (DPA), the University may only share personal data with the consent of the data subject.  If in any proceedings in which you are involved, you request access to such data as being relevant to the proceedings, OSCAR will refer you to the Information Compliance Team who will advise you of what steps you will need to take.