Department of Computer Science

Postgraduate research

If you are interested in contributing to computer science then we offer individually tailored research projects as part of our PhD programme. This will provide you with a unique experience in which you will study to become an expert in your chosen field.

Applying for a PhD

All PhDs are individually tailored for you. Further details can be found at our Research web page and our PhD programme's online prospectus (where you can find an "Apply Now" button for submitting your formal applications).

Funding opportunities

The Department routinely advertises funding opportunities for PhD studies which include PhD scholarships offered by the University of Surrey and external scholarships. We also welcome applicants who bring external funding themselves to studt with us. Click the heading of this section for more details of our current funding opportunities for PhD studies and how to apply.

Research tailored to you

All PhD students work on individual projects within one of our research groups.  A PhD normally lasts for 3 years.  During this time you will undertake a critical review of your chosen field of study to bring you to the cutting-edge of knowledge, propose a novel solution to your chosen problem, whether theoretical or empirical, and evaluate it.  Along the way you will demonstrate your progress during your PhD probationer transfer, publish at either an international conference or through an international journal, before finally defending your thesis in your viva examination.

During your studies you are supported by two academics who you will meet with regularly.  You will also be part of the larger Doctoral College community, which brings together researchers from all parts of the University. As part of the Doctoral College you will attend a training programme that will help you gain the skills you need to become a fully-fledged researcher, whether that is brushing up on your project management skills or learning how to get published.

If you have an idea for a topic, or want to talk to someone about their current work, please get in touch with individual academics.

Extra information


A typical PhD is structured as:

  • Year 1: background research and topic
  • Year 2: transfer from PhD probationer to PhD
  • Year 3: write-up and viva examination


Further details on the research that we do can be found in our research and staff pages.  You can also see what our current PhD students are doing in their pages and with our current student resources.

Key contact

Director of PGR Studies and Admissions Tutor
Dr André Grüning: +44(0)1483 682648