Our bachelors degree courses are designed to provide you with the skills necessary to become an IT professional, whether this is as a software engineer, project manager, consultant or in support.

Our courses

These courses include up-to-date technical skills with programming taught in Java throughout the degree, leading to advanced Java subjects in later years, as well as the necessary communication, team working and problem solving skills demanded by industry.

Computing at the core

We offer a number of undergraduate BSc (Honours) degree programmes as listed above, each with (4 years) or without (3 years) a professional training year. Programmes consists of a core of computer science modules plus modules based upon the theme of the degree.

Study abroad

The University of Surrey offers a student exchange programme, where you can study abroad in countries throughout Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore and Japan. Visit our Student exchanges site for more information on how you can get involved.

Professional training year

As part of your degree you can do a years professional training within industry, giving you real world experience. This can be here in the UK or abroad in other countries. For further information go to our professional training site.


Our Computer Science and Computing and Information Technology degrees are accredited by the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, through to 2021. As an integral part of our Professional Training year, and as an entry point to the Skills Framework for the Information Age - "The world's most popular way of describing the professional skills needed by IT people", students document their experiences on the way to their professional membership of BCS using the BCS Professional Development Scheme.


The Department offers a number of prizes to our current undergraduate students, sponsored by the Department or its industrial partners.

Prize title

Awarded at Sponsor Prize amount

Department Prize for Best Performance

Awarded for the best all round

performance by a final year student.

Graduation Department £250

Department Prize for Best Project

Awarded for the best final year project

by a student graduating from the Department

of Computer Science undergraduate programmes.

Graduation Department £250

Fivium Prize

Awarded for the best student performance

in Enterprise Systems Development (a Year 3 module).

Graduation Fivium £200

IBM Prize for Best Final year, 1st Semester

performance on the BSc in Computer Science

Graduation IBM £75

IBM Prize for Best Final year, 1st Semester performance

on the BSc in Computing and Information Technology

Graduation IBM £75

IBM Prize for Best final Year, 1st Semester

performance on the BSc in Computer Science and Engineering

Graduation IBM £75

IBM Prizes (x3)

Awarded for excellent Placement year performance.

Graduation IBM £75 each

Elsevier Prize for Best Student Performance

in the 2nd Year of the BSc in Computer Science

Awarded for best overall performance

in the second year of BSc in Computer Science.

Autumn Elsevier B.V, £100

The Sheppard Memorial Prize

Awarded for outstanding performance

in second year of Computing and Information

Technology best mark.

Autumn Mary Sheppard £100

IBM Prize for the Best Improved

Performance since Year 2 (x2)

Autumn IBM £75 each

The Gold-i Prize

Awarded for best performance (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)

by a student in Year 2 module Advanced

Object-oriented Programming using C++.

Autumn Gold-i

1st Place £300

2nd Place £200

3rd Place £100

Consult Hyperion Prize for Best Student

Performance in the 1st Year of the BSc in

Computer Science Programme

awarded for the best overall performance in the

first year of the BSc in Computer

Science programme.

Autumn Consult Hyperion £100