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Our MSc in Advanced Materials is structured in a modular format, meaning that each module is complete within itself and available as a short course.

Such courses are ideal for delegates seeking experience in specific subjects for professional development and highly tailored to industry requirements in the related domains.

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About the short courses

Short courses are carefully constructed to form modular components of the MSc in Advanced Materials. Each course is complete in itself and can also be undertaken by delegates seeking experience in specific subjects for professional development.

Over the past thirty years we have run around 250 short courses. These have attracted delegates from all over the world.

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Academic year 2018-19

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Jenna Flint, Short Course Administrator

Special offer

We have a 3 for 2 offer, where three delegates may attend any of these courses for the price of two. Provided payment is received one month before the course start date.


  • Standard fee is £1600
  • 3 for 2 offer is £3200.

MSc in Advanced Materials

Featuring a wide selection of flexible, relevant modules, our MSc in Advanced Materials course offers a variety of study choices. The modules are taught as one week intensive short courses followed by open book assessment.

The course is accredited by IOM3.

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