Creative Music Technology Studio

The Creative Music Technology (CMT) Studio is a large space designed for both advanced immersive audio composition and playback, as well as electronic music workshops and performance.

Inside the studio

The CMT Studio has been renovated for flexible dual use as both a workshop and performance space and as an immersive audio composition studio. The room has a floating floor for acoustic isolation and is acoustically treated for excellent sound on both the walls and ceiling.  Merging Technologies network audio hardware connects the Swiss PSI speakers which can be configured for listening in stereo or immersive set-ups including 7.1.4 (Atmos), circle of 8, cube, or near sphere using all 23 speakers.

Studio hardware

  • Apple Mac Studio computer
  • PSI Speakers: 2 x A25, 4 x SUB-A225,  16 x A23
  • Merging Technologies Anubis & HORUS, with 24 channel DA line outputs and 16 channel AD mic/line inputs outputs
  • Bespoke patch bay