Research projects

Our research projects investigate topical political and global affairs.

Research projects

Active projects

A task-based approach to doctoral education

Principal investigators: Dr Marion Heron, Gill Adams, Helen Donaghue, Lisa McGrath

Start date: February 2024

End date: October 2024

Nationalism, representation, and the support for radical parties

Principal investigators: Dr Roula Nezi, Carsten Wegscheider, Zoe Lefkofrydi

Start date: 2020

End date: Ongoing

Start date: 2019

End date: Ongoing

Start date: 2018

End date: Ongoing

Completed projects

Start date: September 2022

End date: August 2023

Start date: July 2022

End date: February 2023

Start date: January 2022

End date: February 2022

Cultural Divides and Affective Polarisation

Principal investigators: Dr Roula Nezi, Dr George Karyotis

Start date: September 2021

End date: September 2022

Start date: January 2020

End date: January 2021

Start date: August 2016

End date: September 2019