We are a leading centre for research in European and British politics and have a growing reputation in the area of international security and intervention. We also investigate international politics and policy, on people and power, as well as on institutions, theories and processes.

Research groups

European politics

We research European foreign and security policy, the role of the EU as an international actor, European integration theories, European equality policies and social policy, regionalism studies, area studies, environmental policy and opposition to the EU.

Government and opposition

We specialise in electoral behaviour, party politics and party patronage, campaigns and elections, and citizens’ impressions of parties and their leaders. We also research social movements, opposition and resistance, populism and radicalisation, and social media. Our research is grounded in cutting edge theoretical and methodological debates in social/political theory, gender theories and public opinion analysis.

Security and conflict

We focus on cross-cutting issues in security studies, including humanitarianism, post-conflict reconstruction and peace-building, foreign and defence policy, technological change and intervention, normative theory and intervention and non-state armed groups.

Abstract image of Europe's city lights from space

Impactful research projects

Our projects address relevant research themes within European politics and international intervention.