Criminology and criminal justice

The Department of Sociology hosts a thriving community of scholars working in the field of criminology. Members of the Department of Sociology conduct empirical research, together with theoretically-oriented work, on the nature of crime and social control and the operation of the principal institutions of the criminal justice system in contemporary society.

Members are part of the Centre for Criminology, where you can see more details about our work in the areas of crime and justice, our publications, news and information about forthcoming events.

Research areas

  • Asset recovery, organised and syndicated crime
  • Community, neighbourhood and intelligence led policing
  • Cyber and criminal justice system (incorporating the police service, courts and sentencing, prisons and probation)
  • Criminal statistics
  • Early intervention, anti-social behaviour and social control
  • Ethnicity, community and identity
  • Hate crime
  • Human rights
  • Interventions with offenders
  • Meta-analysis and realist evaluation techniques
  • Methods for researching crime especially survey methodology, advanced quantitative methods, spatial modelling, public opinion research and mixed methods
  • Prison effects
  • Racism and crime
  • Technology and surveillance, securitization and biometrics
  • The deployment of female and ethnic minority group police officers impact on community engagement and crime reduction
  • Victims of crime, victimization
  • Youth justice.