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Research opportunities

The Motor Development and Impact (MoDI) Lab are running several projects with individuals with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder:

  • The role of coordinated movement on perceived social communicative intentions: with Aliah Shaheen and Darren Tunstall. This project is investigating the perceptions of social competence that typically developing adults have of adults with and without DCD. 
  • Executive function and internalizing problems in adolescents with and without Developmental Coordination Disorder: with Serif Omer (Clinical Doctorate student). This project is investigating anxiety and planning/organisation abilities in adolescents aged 12-16
  • Anxiety and participation in physical activity in adults with DCD: with Professor Chris Fife-Schaw. This project is investigating the role of motor abilities and anxiety during different tasks in predicting participation in physical activity.

Further details and information on how to participate is available on the Motor Development and Impact (MoDI) Lab current research page.

Public engagement

Members of the group regularly engage in Outreach and Public Engagement activities. 

Many of our research projects involve workshops and activities for key stakeholders such as educational practitioners, healthcare providers and local and national policy makers. For example: 

  • Interventions to support learning and creativity: A workshop for stakeholders, 2015
  • CYGNET Southwark Council (2012-2015),Southwark, London, UK: Hayley Leonard contributed to a series of workshops for parents who have recently received a diagnosis of ASD for their child.
  • In-Service Training (INSET), ongoing:Training sessions are provided for teachers and teaching assistants on issues surrounding development, neurodevelopmental disorders, and research.

Naomi Winstone’s work has been featured in blog posts for school teachers and lecturers:

We have given talks to public audiences at events such as Café Scientifique, the Science Showoff at the British Academy Science Communication Festival, the Guildford Bright Club and Bright Club at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and written pieces for The Conversation and the Psychology Today blog for members of the public.

We take part in careers conferences for local school children, host psychology insight visits for local sixth form colleges and contribute to the Future Frontiers programme, an award-winning charity that exists to transform the life chances of disadvantaged young people through their aspirations.

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