Family Portrayals: Design to Support Photographic Representations of Intergenerational Relationships in Family Homes

Dr Abigail Durrant

Project Profile

This UK-based project combines Interaction Design and Social Psychology to explore design opportunities for digital photographic display technology in family homes. In particular, it explores the increased participation of teenagers in family photography following the mass-market take-up of digital cameras by younger generations. Research focuses on understanding user experience and involves the exploration of novel design research techniques.

The project was sponsored by the Microsoft Research European PhD Scholarship Programme and supervised by David Frohlich and David Uzzell at UNIS and Abigail Sellen at Microsoft Research Cambridge (MSRC).

Supervisors: Prof. David Frohlich and Dr. David Uzzell.

Contact: Abigail Durrant

More information can be found on Abi’s personal website:


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