Digital World Research Centre

PhD Projects

Current projects

New media innovation in journalism

John Mills. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Alan Brown

Visualisation in audio production

Chris Baume. Supervisors: Mark Plumbley, David Frohlich

Creative M-Learning Technology for Rural Malaysia

Azlin Sharina Abdul Latef. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Janko Calic

Completed projects

Photo Streams

Sam Zargham, Self-funded. Supervisors: Janko Calic, David Frohlich

Game Design Processes

Owen Daly-Jones, sponsored by ExperienceLab. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Christine Hine

Performative Experience Design: Theories and Practices for Intermedial Autobiographical Performance

Jocelyn Spence, self-funded. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Stuart Andrews

Materialising Media

Connie Golsteijn, sponsored by Microsoft Research. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Dr Elise van den Hoven and Dr Abigail Sellen

Digital DIY

Phil Ely, sponsored by University of the Creative Arts. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Nicky Green

Mythical storytelling in India

Sandeep Chandra Ashwath, sponsored by a Dorothy Hodgkin award. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Geoff Cooper

Intergenerational home photo display

Abigail Durrant, sponsored by Microsoft Research. Supervisors: David Frohlich, David Uzzell, Abi Sellen

Personal construct approach to user experience

Ali al-Azzawi, sponsored by Openia. Supervisors: David Frohlich, Margaret Wilson

Tabletop collaboration

Christine Rivers, sponsored by Thales. Supervisors: Janko Calic, David Frohlich