Sharing and visualization of multiple photo streams

Sam Zargham

With the expansion of digital photographic content stored online and concurrent proliferation of capturing devices, the management, sharing and visualization of personal photo collections have become very challenging tasks.

The main aim of this research is to study the practice of organizing, sharing and visualization of personal photo streams in the social context: from multiple sources to multiple users. In order to facilitate these practices, the research will adopt the user-centric approach to HCI coupled with image processing algorithms, enabling effective sharing and visualization of multiple photo streams sources from different cameras and individuals.

Having in mind the demands for effective management of personal photo collections and the social context in which it operates, the research conducted here focuses on the following research questions:

• What are the new requirements elicited by current practice in personal photography?

• What algorithms and features facilitate the new requirements in personal photography?

• What are the effective ways of displaying future photographic content?

There are several research contributions envisaged in this project:

• Understanding the current trends in personal photography in relation to the social media

• Visualization and sharing of multiple photo streams in the new interface called Polyflick go to

• Temporal aspects of sharing and visualization of multiple photo streams telling the photographic story from past til now

• Summarization of multiple photo streams to tell a shorter version of photographic-life- story between multiple users

Supervisors:Professor David Frohlich  and Dr Janko Calic