Digital World Research Centre

Funded projects

Current projects

Next generation paper

Connecting paper to the web. The project is funded by a grant from the Digital Economy programme administered by EPSRC.

Media parcels

Facilitating social connectedness in older adults. Jointly funded by University of Sao Paulo and a FAPESP Research Scholarship abroad.

UK-Brazil SPRINT network on assistive media

Connecting researchers at the University of Surrey, Federal University of Sao Carlos and University of Sao Paulo. Jointly funded by the University of Surrey and FAPESP.

Time matters

Digital storytelling in care home settings. Pilot project funded by Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey.

Making sense of sounds

Exploring how to classify, archive and interact with everyday sounds. Funded by the EPSRC 'Making sense of data' programme.

Completed projects

Mobile technology for older people

Exploring the requirements and design of various mobile apps and appliances for an older market. Funded by UFSCAR and FAPESP as a visiting scholarship for Paula Castro.

Immersive audiophotography

Artistic exploration of new forms of photography with sound. Funded by Chinese Government visiting scholarship for Kaihe Guo.

New possibilities for print media and packaging

A four year European network exploring augmented paper 2012-16. Funded by the EU COST programme (FP1104).

Writing and reading with paper and screen

A cross-cultural study of university students in 10 European countries. An activity of Workgroup 1 on the COST FP1104 network.

Storytelling for Development

Project investigating how digital storytelling might contribute to community engagement for urban redevelopment, and what its value is for urban design. Funded by the Digital Economy ‘Communities and Culture’ Network+.


Investigating the market for new augmented paper products. Funded by the ICURe programme.

Light Tags

Connecting paper to digital information. This project is co-funded by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) at Surrey University, and an Academic Expertise for Business (A4B) grant to Swansea University.


Research and Development for the Digital Arts in Wales.


Creation of an electronic composer's notebook supporting collaborative music composition. Funded by the EPSRC MILES project.

Interactive Newsprint

A new platform for community news display. EPSRC Research in the Wild, Digital Economy Programme.

University of the Village

How should rural communities connect with universities? AHRC Connected Communities pilot project.

Tailoring Technology

Commercialisation of ICT appliances for older people. Funded by the Nominet Trust.

TVCam (Com-Cam)

Com-Cam, a TVCam device, for sharing mobile phone content on old TVs.

Community-Generated Media for the Next Billion

How social-media sharing systems should be designed and deployed to benefit many billions of people.


Sustaining IT use in older people. New Dynamics of Ageing project.


Increasing social inclusion through citizen journalism and bespoke design. EPSRC Digital Economy project.

Big Society Research

A roadmap for big society research and impact. AHRC Connected Communities network.


EPSRC-funded project supporting audio-visual story sharing in an Indian village community.

Forgotten Images

Kodak funded project examining the triggers and patterns for photo re-use in the home.

Cross-Media Communication

BT and DTI funded Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

Sonic Interventions

Microsoft-funded project on the character and management of the domestic soundscape.

Teen Use of Mobiles

A Vodafone-funded study of the use of mobile phones by 11-16 year olds.


Community storytelling on the audiophoto desk. EPSRC Leonardo Network project.

Archived projects

The Social Shaping of 3G

Studies for the UMTS Forum.

How much can I afford to spend on my mobile?

Sponsored by Vodafone.

Orange Smart House

A project looking into smart homes for Orange


Understanding and improving the design, deployment and use of electronic health records – sponsored by the EPSRC

Communicating Uncertainty

An investigation into mobile telecom health risks sponsored by Mobile Telecoms and Health Research Programme


The future of paper-mail in the digital age - for the Post Office

Users, Spaces, Times

Investigating information usability - for Lloyds TSB, the Post Office and ICL (now Fujitsu)

ASSIST : Achieving Sustainability through Substitutive Information Society Technologies

A Fifth Framework EU Project

Interactive Digital TV

Designing an electronic product guide - for the BBC

Guernsey Benchmarks

An investigation into web site usability for the Bailiwick of Guernsey

EICSTES : An analysis of navigation tools for web commerce & data production

A Fifth Framework EU Project

Interactive Kiosks

A project for ICL (now Fujitsu)

SEIN : An analysis of how self-organising Innovation Networks operate

A Fourth Framework EU Project


A report for the National Audit Office on the introduction of the MOD’s Project BOWMAN

Digital Remastering

Information re-use in knowledge work: a project for Hewlett-Packard


Organisational Consequences of E-mail Introduction, Adoption and Diffusion: a Fifth Framework EU Project