Funded projects

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Archived projects

  • The Social Shaping of 3G
    Studies for the UMTS Forum.
  • How much can I afford to spend on my mobile?
    Sponsored by Vodafone.
  • STEMPEC: The Socio-Technical Shaping of Multimedia Personal Communications
    A DTI LINK project
  • Orange Smart House
    A project looking into smart homes for Orange
  • Chameleon
    Understanding and improving the design, deployment and use of electronic health records – sponsored by the EPSRC
  • Communicating Uncertainty
    An investigation into mobile telecom health risks sponsored by Mobile Telecoms and Health Research Programme
  • Paper-mail
    The future of paper-mail in the digital age - for the Post Office
  • Users, Spaces, Times
    Investigating information usability - for Lloyds TSB, the Post Office and ICL (now Fujitsu)
  • ASSIST : Achieving Sustainability through Substitutive Information Society Technologies
    A Fifth Framework EU Project
  • Interactive Digital TV
    Designing an electronic product guide - for the BBC
  • Guernsey Benchmarks
    An investigation into web site usability for the Bailiwick of Guernsey
  • EICSTES : An analysis of navigation tools for web commerce & data production
    A Fifth Framework EU Project
  • Interactive Kiosks
    A project for ICL (now Fujitsu)
  • SEIN: An analysis of how self-organising Innovation Networks operate
    A Fourth Framework EU Project
    A report for the National Audit Office on the introduction of the MOD’s Project BOWMAN
  • Digital Remastering
    Information re-use in knowledge work: a project for Hewlett-Packard
    Organisational Consequences of E-mail Introduction, Adoption and Diffusion: a Fifth Framework EU Project.