Phygital literature: hybrid physical-digital books of poetry and prose

The written word has traditionally existed on paper in the physical world but is increasingly consumed on-screen in the digital world. In this project we explore the possibilities of a hybrid paper-and-screen reading experience. Augmented paper for poetry and fiction will be enhanced with digital multimedia that can unfold around it.


The project aims to create a new and immersive way to experience fictional stories and poetry using the Next Generation Paper platform designed at the University of Surrey. An augmented poetry and augmented fiction book will be created with multisensory properties – visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile. Fusing the feel, smell, and tangibility of a real book with the digital world of images, sounds, music and lights creates a new way for readers to experience fiction and art. The imagination and emotions stimulated by the printed word will be amplified by these other media. A practice-based research approach will be used to explore how readers perceive this new medium by making and comparing multiple versions of the same book.


    • Augmented poetry book
    • Augmented fiction book
    • Design reflections.


    The project is funded by the University of Surrey Student Internship Scheme from 1 August 2022 for two months.

    Research team

    The student is Tautvydas Kuliešius from the BMus Creative Music Technology course in the Department of Music and Media. It is supported by input and content from Dr Stephen Mooney and Dr Beth Palmer from the School of Literature and Languages, and supervised by Professor David Frohlich.

    Tautvydas Kuliešius

    Project researcher

    David Frohlich profile image

    Professor David Frohlich

    Project supervisor

    Stephen Mooney profile image

    Dr Stephen Mooney

    Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing

    Beth Palmer profile image

    Dr Beth Palmer

    Senior Lecturer in English Literature