UK-Brazil SPRINT network on assistive media for health and wellbeing in ageing

This project is a collaborative research activity and network between the University of Surrey, University of Sao Paulo (USP) and Federal University of Sao Carlos UFSCAR). It tries to fill a gap in the research and development of mobile device applications for older users, including tools for assisted living, monitoring, e-health care and wellbeing.


We adopt an ‘assistive media’ perspective, combining insights from multiple research strands across these three universities, exploring the use of digital media content for remote monitoring, communication and advice in the ageing population.

This will comprise a collaborative interdisciplinary research network funded by FAPESP and University of Surrey jointly. The USP and UFSCar team complements research at Surrey in terms of expertise in Computer Science, Gerontology, and wellbeing. The Surrey team expertise is healthcare, digital storytelling and interaction design. The network originated from the sabbatical work of Professor Paula Castro at Digital World Research Centre on Mobile technology for older people. It has already led to two pieces of collaborative work on the Time Matters project, and the Mobile Healthcare Interventions project. 

The network is led by Professor David Frohlich at the University of Surrey, Professor Maria Graca Pimentel at the USP, and Professor Paula Castro at UFSCAR.  It is jointly funded by the University of Surrey and FAPESP to a joint value of £16,000, and runs from 1 February 2017 for 24 months. Additional investigators include Dr Theti Chrysanthaki at Surrey and Professor Renata Fortes at USP.

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