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Additional costs for programmes at the University of Surrey

Throughout the duration of your studies it is likely that you will incur additional costs related to your degree. For example, some of our programmes (particularly those with a practical element) may require you to pay for clothing, materials, field courses, special equipment or bench fees.

Please find your specific degree via our undergraduate course list to see if there is likely to be any additional costs. 

Below we have provided an example list of additional costs that you may encounter, relating to your programme. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and your individual expenditure may vary, depending on your choice of degree and modules.

  • Project/work costs: You may need to pay for materials, special equipment or clothing specific to a project or assignment.
  • Field trips/fieldwork: Some programmes will include field trips and there may be travel, accommodation and living costs required to attend these.
  • Professional body membership: For some programmes you will be required to obtain professional body membership and pay the associated fee.
  • DBS checksDisclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are required for certain healthcare programmes. These costs can be found on the Government website.
  • Visa fees: If you are an international student there will be visa-related costs. The Government’s visa fees tool will help you calculate these costs.
  • Travel: It is important to remember that tuition fees do not include travel to and from the University. See our transport page for useful information on getting around, parking permits and our bus Travelcard.
  • Professional Training placements: A Surrey degree will normally last four years as the majority of our students have the opportunity to undertake a Professional Training placement. Tuition fees during this year are substantially reduced and you may be paid a salary by your placement provider or receive funding for an unpaid placement. See our tuition fees advice page for more information.
  • Study abroad: If you decide to study abroad as part of your degree, you will be required to pay for travel, living costs, and potentially tuition fees. Currently, students looking to study abroad in Europe can apply for an Erasmus+ grant to assist with living and travel costs. For more information please see the Erasmus+ exchange page.

As well as programme-specific costs, students should also be aware of general study costs, living costs and any other additional expenses they may incur whilst at university.

General study costs

  • Books: A wealth of learning resources are available in our Library and Learning Centre. You may be required to, or prefer to, buy your own copy of key textbooks. If you return a book late you will have to pay a fine, and there are charges for losing books or replacing a campus card. See the Library FAQ for more information.
  • Printing and photocopying: Although coursework is most commonly submitted online, you may still find yourself in need of our printing, photocopying or binding facilities. Our current rates are available to view on our printing, copying and scanning and binding price lists.
  • Computers and laptops: There are open-access networked computers available across campus and it is possible to loan laptops from the Library. However, you may find it useful to have your own PC, laptop or tablet.
  • Reassessment: Reassessment by retake does not incur an additional cost unless you are required to be reassessed in either repeat or replace mode. If you need to be reassessed in a module you may be subject to extra costs depending on the type of reassessment that is available to you. For more information on resitting, see our exams information.
  • Stationery: Students are required to supply their own stationery and study/writing materials.

Living costs

As a university student you will need to budget for general living expenses, from food and toiletries through to travel and socialising. Read our costs and budgeting information for useful advice and further information.

Childcare costs

The University of Surrey has a Kids Unlimited Nursery on its Manor Park campus, available for use by students with children. See the students with children information for advice on childcare costs whilst studying at university.

Students’ Union society and Team Surrey costs

If you would like to join a Students’ Union society or Team Surrey sports club, membership fees will apply. See the societies and Team Surrey information to find out more.

You may also need to pay additional costs. For example, for events, travel, kit, materials and equipment. Specific information can be found on the individual society/Team Surrey page.

Surrey Sports Park membership costs

Students are able to join Surrey Sports Park and gain access to a huge range of facilities, classes and activities. University of Surrey students benefit from discounted membership of Surrey Sports Park.

Graduation costs

There are associated costs for graduating from the University of Surrey. These include guest tickets to your graduation (your ticket is free), cap and gown hirephotography and merchandise, and replacement certificates and transcripts.


See the Your Money section for advice on living costs and budgeting, general money matters advice and information. You can also discover the range of financial support available to you throughout your studies.