Evening language class student testimonials

Hear from our students.

Adam Webb, Spanish (Beginners)

Adam was interested in learning Spanish and had done some learning independently but wasn’t able to practise the speaking element. He decided that learning with others in a class would be a good way of getting practice.

Once he had found that the University of Surrey offered classes and attended the open day, he knew it he wanted to register for an evening language class in Spanish.

"The class is kept interesting, mixing speaking, listening and writing skills. It kept me entertained and focused which given it is an hour and half class is good for me. Susana is very friendly and helpful. She put me at ease which is great when starting a new class with strangers and was always willing and able to answer questions.

I was sceptical about paying for a class for a long time but now I’ve done it I could definitely recommend it. The class at the University of Surrey is made fun, interactive and definitely helps with the learning. The facilities are great and the ability to adapt to the recent issues was great. I know other people taking language courses elsewhere that weren’t able to run quite as smoothly when learning from home so I appreciate what was done there."

Altiera Dunlop, Spanish (Pre-intermediate)


"I chose the University of Surrey to learn a language because I wanted really good tuition and I haven’t been disappointed. The facilities in the classrooms are very good and the tutors (Susanna and Dolores) have both been fantastic.

I’m looking forward to joining again for the intermediate course next academic year."

Helen Kingstone, German (Pre-intermediate)

"The University is a nice environment for learning a language. The teachers are very competent but also have good people skills for teaching adults. There is a friendly atmosphere with other students.

It format translates easily because we are all already using the same textbook, and working through the textbook. Julie’s use of the “break-out rooms” and “whiteboard” features also helped recreate some of the dynamics of the classroom.

In lockdown, I have come to value my language classes even more – a nice chance to connect with other people over a common goal!"

Lara Crowe, Italian (Beginners)

"I liked that the course covered a wide variety of subjects which are useful to use if on holiday or within my work which was really useful. Valeria was really supportive and clear in her teaching and explaining, very approachable and a lovely bubbly personality.

I would fully recommend these courses to anyone thinking about learning a language. Good value for money and you cover a wide curriculum." 

Lorna Westwood, French (Intermediate)

"Dominique is a very enthusiastic tutor, who listens and is happy to answer any questions and uses her own experiences, as a native French person to enhance the learning experience."

Philip Wood CBE, Spanish (Beginners)

"An outstanding course in every way. Quickly and efficiently gives great confidence in conducting typical conversations. Inspirational teaching from an exceptionally talented and energetic teacher. First-class, specially prepared and lively materials to revise with.

The University has a lot going for it and this course adds to the University’s excellent reputation in this country and abroad for inspired and motivational teaching."

Rosemary Bromfield-Young, Mandarin (Intermediate)


"The tutor spends a lot of time piecing together course material for us which we all really appreciate. She doesn’t just talk about language but makes us engage in the culture as well which is so important to our overall understanding. 

She is always enthusiastic about Chinese and is excited to share her knowledge with us. She is also patient, understanding and her teaching is very well structured and paced which the whole class loves."