Evening language classes

Terms and conditions

Classes are taught over three terms, from 7:00pm to 8.30pm, one evening a week with eight classes per term (except for the beginners intensive classes which are twice a week, 16 classes per term)

You can join at the beginning of any of the three terms

Our courses are taught on campus, with easy access to the A3. Parking is available and free in the evenings

Classes are taught by language teachers from the School of English and Languages. Our tutors are experienced and native or near-native speakers of the language they teach

If you successfully complete your course (attend at least 75 per cent of classes), you will receive a University of Surrey certificate of attendance

The availability of classes is subject to demand

Discounts are only applied if you book two or three terms for the same class

No refund can be given for classes you are not able to attend. If a tutor is unable  to teach a class (e.g. illness), the class will be rescheduled either during or at the end of the term

Cancellations received within seven days prior to the first Monday of the term participants have enrolled are not eligible for refunds. Cancellations received before that will be refunded but incur an administrative fee of £29.50; this applies only for the first term in which participants have enrolled